My first attempt at a Gameboy Advance Emulator
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ZBA (working title)

An in-progress Gameboy Advance Emulator written in Zig !


  • jsmolka GBA Test Collection
    • arm.gba and thumb.gba
    • flash64.gba, flash128.gba, none.gba, and sram.gba
    • hello.gba, shades.gba, and stripes.gba
    • memory.gba
    • bios.gba
    • nes.gba
  • DenSinH's GBA ROMs
    • eeprom-test
    • flash-test
    • midikey2freq
    • swi-tests-random
  • destoer's GBA Tests
    • cond_invalid.gba
    • dma_priority.gba
    • hello_world.gba
    • if_ack.gba
    • line_timing.gba
    • lyc_midline.gba
    • window_midframe.gba
  • [ladystarbreeze's GBA Test Collection]
    • retAddr.gba
    • helloWorld.gba
    • helloAudio.gba
  • armwrestler-gba-fixed.gba
  • FuzzARM



Most recently built on Zig 0.10.0-dev.1933+5f2d0d414


bitfields.zig from FlorenceOS is included under lib/util/bitfield.zig.

Use git submodule update --init from the project root to pull the git submodules SDL.zig, zig-clap, and known-folders

Be sure to provide SDL2 using:

  • Linux: Your distro's package manager
  • MacOS: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Windows: vcpkg (install sdl2:x64-windows)

SDL.zig will provide a helpful compile error if the zig compiler is unable to find SDL2.

Once you've got all the dependencies, execute zig build -Drelease-fast. The executable is located at zig-out/bin/.


Key Button
A Left Shoulder
S Right Shoulder
Return Start
RShift Select
Arrow Keys D-Pad